Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Purple Power!

The pics above wer taken opposite a window on a sunny day about 2 weeks ago i think....

....this was in normal light in the room... look how different the make up looks in the 2 lights lol!

Easy peasy look to do!

Beauty Uk jumbo pencil in purple on eyes first
Mac nocturnelle on top of the pencil
Mac cranberry in crease blending up to highlighter
smashbox highlighter
no.7 liquid liner
Mac carbon in waterline
Lashes off ebay

hope u like it! xxxxxx

Monday, 14 March 2011

Sleek Primer Palette

Top colours: No sleek primer underneath
Bottom colours: With sleek primer colours underneath sleek eyshadows

Hi darlings! i bought the sleek primer palette last week, this has been out for a while now, so i know i'm a lil late with this lol! i picked out the nicest colours out of the palette and used it to swatch along side with the original sleek palette. 

i love sleek eyeshadows! i was a bit of a snob towards it many years ago but i have converted lol!  
they are really nice and pigmented and very nice to use together or on their own, fantastic value for the money!
However the only down side to the shadows are that they are not that longlasting so you would need a
 brilliant primer underneath to get the most out of the colours.

i would defo recommend you lovelies to go out and buy it, its only £6.99 from superdrug!


Dramatic Purple Eyes

Mac studiosculpt NC42
Giorgio Armani hydraglow foundation no. 6.5

Beauty UK pencil in purple as base
Mac Nocturnelle on top of base
Mac stars'n'rockets in inner eye
Mac hepcat in crease blending up to highlight
Mac blackberry in outer v to darken
Smashbox highlighter
lashes off eyelash

Bodyshop bronzer No1 as contour
Bodyshop no.10 cheek colour
Smashbox highlight quad as highlighter

Nyx thalia
Bodyshop hi shine lip treatrment in 01 pink cream

Friday, 4 March 2011

My First MAC Pallete!

 Hey guys...This is my first MAC pallete! I have collected all these colours in less than a month... and that was only because it was my birthday not so long ago so i had the family buy me the colours.

Colours left to to right:
Top row: Mythology, amber lights, all that glitters, mulch, embark
Middle row: Lucky green, humid, steamy, deep truth, carbon
Bottom row: Cranberry, hepcat, nocturnelle, stars n rockets, electra

I'm sooo proud of my first pallette.... now on to the next one lol xoxoxoxoxoxox

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Green With Envy ...Using Mac Lucky green and Mac Humid

Giorgio Armani foundation no.6.5
Mac studiosculpt concealer NC42

No.7 stay perfect primer
Mac lucky green as base colour and inner lower lash line
Mac humid in crease and outer lower lash line
Mac Mulch above humid blending up to highlighter
Mac carbon in out v and lower lash waterline
Mac all that glitters as highlighter 
Elf gel liner as top liner
Lashes bought off ebay

Bodyshop bronzer 01 as contour
Bodyshop no.5 cheek colour
Mac Breezy
Bodyshop Rose cream highlighter 

Bodyshop no62
Nyx jumbo lip pencil Hera

Friday, 25 February 2011

Black and Blue...Using Mac Mythology and Mac Carbon

Mac studiofix concealer NC42
Giorgio Armani foundation 6.5

No.7 stay perfect primer
Mac mythology as base
Mac Amberlights in crease blended up to eyebrow
Mac carbon in out v and in crease
Barry M pigment Petrol black no.98 on top of Mac carbon
Mac all that glitters as highlight
Avon arabian glow pencil in turqouise on lower lash line going over with mac deep truth
Bodyshop black eye definer in water line
Top liner Elf gel liner
Lashes from ebay... i bulk bought 10 pairs for £4!!

Bodyshop bronzer 01 as contour
Mac breezy

Nyx thalia

Top tip for soft, kissable lips!

I'm sure nearly every one suffers from dry lips in the winter... so a here's a top tip for keeping lips soft, kissable and sexy:

1)Get ur favorite lip balm, (u can also alternatively use simple vaseline for this too.)
My fave lip balm is definately carmex mint

Put a pea size amount into ur palm

2)Get just under half a teaspoon of sugar, this can be ordinary granulated sugar that u put in ur tea, coffee etc and put into the pea size amount of carmex in ur palm.

3) Now give the carmex and sugar a good mix, with ur finger or the spoon.... and there u have it... home made lip exfoliant!!

4) So now what u would do is simply apply on the the lips with finger and really give a good massage. The sugar will exfoliate all the nasty dry skin whilst the carmex will moisturise the lips as u are doing so. 

                          Sweet minty lips..... Have a try guys and let me know what you think

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Classic smoky

I'm wanting to do freelancing work in makeup so I recently did a photoshoot for my work and this was one of the looks i did, ( along with gold/purple smoky and dirty green and blacked out in my earlier posts). These looks will be used for advertising on my leaflets/business cards... hope u like it! (this look was done on my sister in law btw)

P.s this was done using the elf pallete that was given as a freebie during christmas when a £10 shopping was done