Monday, 14 March 2011

Sleek Primer Palette

Top colours: No sleek primer underneath
Bottom colours: With sleek primer colours underneath sleek eyshadows

Hi darlings! i bought the sleek primer palette last week, this has been out for a while now, so i know i'm a lil late with this lol! i picked out the nicest colours out of the palette and used it to swatch along side with the original sleek palette. 

i love sleek eyeshadows! i was a bit of a snob towards it many years ago but i have converted lol!  
they are really nice and pigmented and very nice to use together or on their own, fantastic value for the money!
However the only down side to the shadows are that they are not that longlasting so you would need a
 brilliant primer underneath to get the most out of the colours.

i would defo recommend you lovelies to go out and buy it, its only £6.99 from superdrug!



  1. I wanted to get this but saw so many naff reviews, apparently it's big on creasing :/ let me know how it works for you! xx

  2. I love the bronze color!