Friday, 4 March 2011

My First MAC Pallete!

 Hey guys...This is my first MAC pallete! I have collected all these colours in less than a month... and that was only because it was my birthday not so long ago so i had the family buy me the colours.

Colours left to to right:
Top row: Mythology, amber lights, all that glitters, mulch, embark
Middle row: Lucky green, humid, steamy, deep truth, carbon
Bottom row: Cranberry, hepcat, nocturnelle, stars n rockets, electra

I'm sooo proud of my first pallette.... now on to the next one lol xoxoxoxoxoxox


  1. yay!
    looks so nice and vibrant

  2. Great palette! sooo tempted to get one for myself now! haha, nice post :) love your blog btw... I followed! xx

  3. aaawwww....thanks hun xxxx

  4. love all the colours!! good job! I haven't filled in completely my Mac palette till now xoxo

  5. thats the bad thing about mac palettes. once you get on to the next one all you want to do is fill it up quickly lol

  6. the palette looks great :) thanks for sharing

  7. I'm so jeaaaloussss lol.

    Trust me when I say... Amazing palette!