Friday, 25 February 2011

Top tip for soft, kissable lips!

I'm sure nearly every one suffers from dry lips in the winter... so a here's a top tip for keeping lips soft, kissable and sexy:

1)Get ur favorite lip balm, (u can also alternatively use simple vaseline for this too.)
My fave lip balm is definately carmex mint

Put a pea size amount into ur palm

2)Get just under half a teaspoon of sugar, this can be ordinary granulated sugar that u put in ur tea, coffee etc and put into the pea size amount of carmex in ur palm.

3) Now give the carmex and sugar a good mix, with ur finger or the spoon.... and there u have it... home made lip exfoliant!!

4) So now what u would do is simply apply on the the lips with finger and really give a good massage. The sugar will exfoliate all the nasty dry skin whilst the carmex will moisturise the lips as u are doing so. 

                          Sweet minty lips..... Have a try guys and let me know what you think

1 comment:

  1. great tip babe, will have to try this! my lips are really dry right now xxx