Saturday, 3 March 2012

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette

i bought this palette before xmas when debenhams were doing 15% off all makeup. 
The packaging is to die for! it comes in a mirror finish palette that fits nicely into the lush velvet outer box. it makes me not want to touch it because i keep getting my fingerprints all over the mirror cover lol.

 All colours are gorgeous in this palette. my eye espcially went for deep end as soon as i opened my palette. 
the only downside to this palette i would say is that theres too many creams and browns. although its an anniversary palette the colours are not really showstopping and OMG (but the packaging is!) i think urban decay bombard their palettes with too many neutral shades!
BUT... i still LOOOVE this palette :) and i shall follow with a simple look i did using the palette colours 


  1. I want this palette so badly the colours are amazing! x

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